So far, everyday, we’ve spent time just sitting on our property listening to the wild. Last night it was something creaking the barn doors and thumping on the roof, sticks snapping randomly, amid crickets and tree frogs and cicadas chirping. Today it was turkeys gobbling while two crows screamed and followed them through the woods.

We sat silently, hoping that one of the turkeys would appear in our clearing where I could snap a pic or two, but beyond moving trees, we never caught a glimpse.

Me and the kids made some progress on the temporary chicken pen. We were going to use a log as an upright for the doorway from one of the many branches that we’ve cleared but alas, my son couldn’t figure out how to work the chain saw and I’m too scared of it to try. So, we did what any self-respecting homesteader would do. We found what we already had to use on site and “made do”.

First we found a couple of 2 x 4’s spliced together but by the time we pulled them out of hiding we realized they wouldn’t just pull apart. Nails had been hammered in at every angle and we would need said chain saw to make them usable. Then we found a landscape post that was perfect for the job.


My son dug the hole with our post-hole digger saving the dirt in the wheelbarrow and then plunged the pole into place. At which point we realized we didn’t have a shovel. So we “made do” yet again and found an old pan that was perfect for the job.

Mom’s been coming out and helping some too. She’s pulled sticktights until she said she dreamed about them. So today she did this:


She sat with her book and enjoyed the quiet and fresh air.

We didn’t finish the chicken pen today, however. So I guess tomorrow it will get done…at least I hope it will get done. The plan is to get all of the animals moved down here so we don’t have to drive to take care of them any more.