It’s almost noon here in the hot and sizzling state of Oklahoma. The humidity is probably 800% or something equally as ridiculous. And I’m still sitting on my bed with my computer not wanting to move.

I know. I have this great piece of land. I’m living my dream and all … I should wake up raring to go each morning and post all the wonderful progress we’ve made and tell you every new thing we managed to accomplish. And be upbeat and happy.

But the truth is, life is still life even if I am living my dream. I’m still grieving for my dad who died late in March. I’m still sorting through moving to a new town. I still have to keep up with my kids and husband and mom and animals. And now the task of building our dream is just added to that pile.

This isn’t Disney land. It’s reality. And sometimes pushing through that reality is the hardest part of the work.

We’re lucky. We have a house to live in while we work on our property that’s only 4 miles away with air conditioning and a swimming pool and all the comforts one could want. We get to leave the property at the end of a long work day and relax somewhere cool and comfortable. And I’m not sure I’m strong enough to do it otherwise. I read about people living their dreams and moving onto their homesteads and they don’t leave at the end of the day to sleep somewhere else. They wake up to the reality of the hard work facing them day in and day out.

For me, it’s not the hard work that’s at issue today. I can sweat, dig, hammer, saw, pound, mow, pull, dismantle, scavenge, etc … til I drop. But the mental side of life right now, the emotional side is keeping me grounded in the reality of this fairy tale. Today, I have to force myself to go and work.

Pictures later …