Reality. 5 1/2 acres isn’t anywhere near as big as 80 acres but when you walk the entire perimeter fence in 95+ degree heat, it might as well be a square section … especially when most of it is untouched woodlands.

We started out to simply run a string line between the markers on the north side of the property. That was the easy part. The neighbors plowed field creeps over the line so we were able to walk it in about 3 minutes which included stopping to admire an old feed trough we’d never seen and snap the single pic for the day of this frog.


That’s a blade of crab grass mind you. He was a tiny one. There were many more when we crawled down to the creek. The presence of amphibians pleases me. It means the environment isn’t toxic.

Of course, I’m not sure how it could be toxic unless someone sprayed it from overhead. After walking the entire fence line, it’s pretty safe to say that no one has ever done any improvements on the back 1/2 of the property. The south side of the creek, other than the small area where the old moonshine still sits, is about as wild as it gets. Fallen trees, wild grape vines as big as my arm, brambles sprawling in large mounds, swales, ravines, etc … take up the space and make it nearly impenetrable. We’re not even sure how the surveyor made it through all the stuff to hang flags.

After making it back to the chairs, we took off our shirts and poured cold water from the ice chest over our heads to help us cool down. That’s when the cat appeared. It showed up a few days ago, meowing at us from under the foundation of the old house. Today it walked out and rubbed up against our chairs and then petted itself on our hands. It’s a girl and a tabby cat with a wide nose and the most beautiful black lines stretching back from the corner of her eyes. Now I guess we need a name for her.

We didn’t get any other work done today. The walk nearly killed us both. But we did find a design for a geothermal air conditioner for the shed we’re building. It took some convincing before my husband would believe it was possible, but he’s on board now. We just need to dig some trenches … and clear more sticktights. The never-ending sticktights. Ugh.