The last few days at the Woods has been down and dirty. We bought a water tank so we can set up a rain catchment system to have water for the animals and garden. Paying for that was a given from the beginning. But, keeping to our goals of using and reusing what we have, we didn’t want to have to buy stuff for the foundation. Plans were already made to tear down this addition to the original stone house and we now needed the concrete block, so this has been the labor.


Hammer and chisel … oh yeah, and bumblebees. All those gorgeous flowers I’ve been enjoying so much that have been pollinated by the gigantic bumblebees, we found their home … inside the concrete block wall … Both of us were stung in the head by these lovely creatures. Talk about insane amounts of pain. But we’ve carried on in spite of them. They don’t seem to like our new bug repellent that has essential oils in it and vanillin. Not sure why but as long as they stay away from me, I’m good with having them.

While Jerry has been chiseling away at the block walls, I’ve been busy scraping up the debris on the concrete patio area. We’re guessing there was a fire at some point that melted the roof. Here’s a before and after from one day of work. The overall pic I forgot to take until after I’d already started and at the end of the day I still had some left to go.





Our third venture this week has been installing a fence. Zek got busy digging more post holes and tamping them into place. We’re 1/4 done with this side of the property. Lol…but… it only took 5 hours to do 100 feet so if we get some more good weather and time it shouldn’t take long to finish the fencing.