A few days back we were cleaning up around the old house and smoking a pork loin on the concrete area and noticed that we had a peach tree growing. Straggly and half dead, we decided we could trim it up and see how it performed next year before doing anything drastic. It had green leaves on several branches, so we assumed it was alive but we didn’t see any fruit at all.

Fast forward to yesterday.


We brought our chickens down to the Woods and have been letting them free range over part of the acreage. One white chicken we call Molly kept getting adventurous though and roaming far beyond where we wanted her. So I would chase her down and scold her and run her back to the flock. But one time I missed her and she managed to make it all the way past the house. I pursued her into the woods and herded her back towards the others finally, and in the process went under the peach tree where one ripe peach fell to the ground.

I scooped it up, ran the chicken where she needed to go, and carried the peach proudly to Jerry. We rinsed it off and pulled it open. Freestone all the way! And tasty to boot. Having no idea what variety it is, we’re naming it a Molly peach since I wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t been chasing her around the Woods.

Speaking of rinsing it off. We have water.


Not a lot at the moment because we brought it from the artesian well that we’ve used for years. But that well is a bit of a drive for us now. We love the water from it but it doesn’t really save us money unless we can haul over 300 gallons at a time which we aren’t set up for yet. In the meantime we’re coating the roof of the barn to cover all the old rust, etc and installing gutters to catch rain.


It’s not perfect but our animals have been drinking from a pond all summer and we’ve had them in 3 different places so it’s time to reunite our farm animals in one place and having a water source of any kind is the basic requirement for now.

Today we are building the communal rabbit pen and testing out the old breaker box at the farm to see if we have electric power we can use. We know we have power to the meter but having the breakers work and power an actual plug is still unknown. We’re hoping to have all the rabbits and cats moved by the end of the week into their new abode. Still need to find a source for selling bunnies in one form or another. Our freezers are already stuffed with rabbit meat, ducks, chicken, and goat. Being self-sufficient in the meat department isn’t an issue at least!